Know Your Poop!

Forget the magic rocks, tea leaves, and horoscope to see your future. The ability to see our current health and future health is easy to read and is always with us. The tool I’m talking about is your poop. Your poop can tell you many things, including the state of your health, the amount of stress that you are under, and the diet that you consume every day. You may think you know your stuff about poop, but many people are misinformed about something that we all do almost every day.

Many of us monitor what goes into our bodies, but what comes out can be just as important. The ability to know what’s going on in your digestive tract and how your immune system (70% of your immune system is housed in the large intestine) is holding up can tell a lot about your current and future health.


What is your stool made of?

Water makes up about 75 percent of your poop[1]. The other 25 percent consists of fiber, live and dead bacteria, mineral salts, mucus, proteins, fats, and undigested food. Some foods packed with insoluble fibers, like corn and oat bran, are more difficult for your body to digest which is why they can emerge relatively unchanged in your poop.

How your poop is shaped and the amount of pressure needed to push it out can also tell you a lot about your health. Most doctors refer to the Bristol stool scale that categories our poop into seven different fields. These 7 fields range from severe constipation to severe diarrhea and can tell you a lot about your current health. [2]

Why you shouldn’t need air fresheners

A bowel movement does not smell good and doesn’t have to. You have microorganism living in your gut that produces sulfuric compounds, when combined with the feces, creates a yucky smell[3][4]. Its when your bowel movements smell really bad is when you should be concerned. This can be a sign of malabsorption which is caused by a number of things like celiac disease. It can also mean you have an inflammatory bowel disease like ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease[5].

Your bowel movements play an important role in your current and future health. You need to be attuned to your body and realize what you put in you will play a huge role in what comes out. Where are you on the Bristol stool chart?








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