Type 2 Diabetes: The Epidemic

The Epidemic Taking the World by Storm

There has been many epidemics throughout history that have been extremely destructive. These epidemics have killed millions, toppled empires, and depopulated entire landscapes. But there’s a new mass killer that is considered to be the biggest pandemic in human history: obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The World Health Organization estimates that the number of people that were affected by diabetes grew by nearly 300% from 1980 to 2014, nearly 422 million worldwide[1]. This number is also to predicted to double at least by 2040[2]. Out of all the diagnosed cases of diabetes, type 2 diabetes accounts for 90% to 95% of it.[3]


How did we get here?

Diabetes has never been one of the epic killers in history. We’ve only seen the disease on this scale recently. So how did it get so big? Many people believe that it is due to the fact that we have an over abundance of food, a lot of which is high in calories and low in nutrition. This combined with the lower amounts of physical activity in our lives has created the perfect platform for an epidemic of diabetes.


How to treat diabetes through sauna

Type 2 diabetes can affect everyday life and adjusting can be difficult. However, type 2 diabetes can be reversed through lifestyle changes such as nutrition and exercise. Today, type 2 diabetes is usually treated with medication with the focus to reduce blood sugar levels. While this may help in the short term, if lifestyle changes aren’t made, the root cause will not be addressed. Without weight loss and a serious overhaul of the typical diet consumed today, the root of the problem will continue to keep blood sugar levels high and insulin to not be properly processed.


A new study done by Newcastle and Glasgow University showed that the disease can be reversed by losing weight. Nine out of the 10 people in the trial who lost two-and-a-half stones (~35 lbs.) put their type 2 diabetes into remission.[4] Not only is this treatment address the root cause of the problem, but it also is less expensive in the long run.

In an average 30-minute session of doing infrared sauna, one can expect to burn up to 600 calories. This is equivalent to running 5 miles and can make it easier to exercise without the time and physical demands required. In October 2001, a study published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology[5] found that two weeks of sauna therapy significantly improved circulation and nourishment to all of the tissues.

Not only is exercise important, but also the ability to relax. When you experience stress of anxiety, your body will increase the level of blood sugar in your body. This in turn can have devastating consequences for those suffering from diabetes. The gentle yet effective heat from the infrared sauna can help you relax and self-regulate the blood sugar levels in your body.



Type 2 diabetes is on track to be much bigger and more deadly than the Black Death[6]. The cost to treat diabetes and the affect it has on our health is astronomical, but something that we can fix. Infrared sauna, nutrition, and exercise creates the perfect trifecta to help address the root causes of diabetes and to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.


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