What to Expect

at Salutaris

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Before your Session? 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Most people do not drink enough water to begin with and now that you are using an infrared sauna and sweating, it is even more important to stay properly hydrated. Always drink plenty of water before, during and after your sauna session. Remove all make up to allow your skin to receive the full benefits of the IR heat.

What to Wear?

Our sauna is made for you not to wear any clothes inside of it. More skin exposure is preferable to allow the full experience of IR heat. We recommend bringing loose fitting and comfortable clothes for after your session.

During your Session

You may not sweat much during your first 2-3 sauna sessions. This is normal for many people, as they haven’t had a recent history of sweating, and it takes a few sessions to “re-educate” the body to do what comes naturally.

If the sauna pod becomes too hot or stuffy, you can move the upper dome piece to allow your body to breath and let cool air in. You can also drink water while you are sweating to help re-hydrate your body

After your Session

After your sauna session, it's so important to get water back into your system. Drink at least 24 oz of water throughout the day to replenish your body of its lost water.



Licensed Massage Therapist

Gabriela is a licensed massage therapist, completing a 1000 hour massage program in Colorado. She has continued her education with certifications in Cupping Therapy, Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

Heat therapy is a modality that became important when realizing that you can lead a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition, but you don't have control over the toxic environment we are continually bombarded with. Infrared sauna became another piece of the health puzzle to aid in detoxification.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist she served 26 years in the U.S. military, six years as a linguist and 20 years as a helicopter pilot. Starting a career in the health industry was something she had always wanted, and the holistic style of massage therapy and infrared sauna was a perfect fit for her and her family. She has a great, and very supportive, husband and two awesome adult sons. She is a Colorado native and loves being out in her garden whenever she can. “I believe heat therapy and the therapy of touch, although it’s been around forever, should be the future of healthcare for all of us."

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Kurt was born and raised in Northern Colorado. Being a Colorado native, Kurt and his family was always outside enjoying nature and everything Colorado had to offer. From camping with the Boy Scouts to playing soccer year around, he was always busy in the sun. He loves to lift, compete on American Ninja Warrior obstacles, and read as many books that will fit in his apartment.

From a young age, he was raised in a holistic lifestyle with coconut oil and essential oils being the go-to for any problem that arose. He knew that promoting this holistic lifestyle would be the perfect fit for him in the future no matter what job he was a part of. Being outside all the time brought on its fair share of sweat.

It was from these experiences that he discovered the power sweating could bring to the body. Detoxification and a better functioning body sounded like an elixir for youth that he knew he had to share with the world. “How are you sweating today?”